PHY reset until link up?

Jay Paulson jpaulson at
Fri Feb 25 15:58:02 UTC 2005

>> I have just installed Fedora Core 3 on my AMD 64 and everything went
>> smoothly.  After installation I get the following message:
>> r8169: eth0: PHY reset until link up
>> I have googled this error and haven't found anything to help me out
>> trying to figure out what the problem is.  My only guess is that the
>> network interface is not connecting to the network for some reason.
>> Any suggestions on what steps I should take?
> I have no solution. I reported the same problem on both the amd64-list
> and fedora-list with subject 'ethernet failure after update to
> kernel-2.6.10-1.766' (16 Feb). But nobody volunteerd a solution though 
> one
> other user confirmed seeing this.
> Did you experience it immediately after the install with the 2.6.9
> kernel or after updating to 2.6.10?
> I was able to work for 2 months with the 2.6.9 kernel and updates
> upto and including 2.6.10-1.760 without this occuring.
> It started after update to 2.6.10-1.766 (immediately after rebooting)
> and then also appeared with the older kernels. Sometimes it
> disappeared for a couple of days before surfacing again.
> (Luckily I have another inegrated ethernet adapter in the mobo that
>  works without problems).
> Can anybody here can confirm wether this is a hardware problem or
> a kernel/driver problem. In the latter case I will bugzilla it.

Just wanted to let you know that I had a chance to take a look at the 
server and to my surprise there were two network interfaces in the 
machine.  I plugged the cord into the other interface and poof my 
problems where fixed.  Maybe your machine has 2 interfaces?


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