List Rules

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at
Sat Feb 26 03:47:30 UTC 2005


Here is the first edition of the List Rules.

The first thing is that I, like you, are a regular member of the list 
but have read through many messages about 'netequitte' within this list.

Just a couple of hints:

1.  Set your mailer to send only plain text messages to the list.  HTML 
mail does not work well, is blocked by some of our list members, and 
sadly wastes bandwidth.  Also, some members, like myself, disabled 
display of HTML mail because they can be used for spam detectors and can 
send malware code.
2.  Place your replies at the bottom of messages.  This is an old method 
used for many years.  Preface any text to be replied to with a 
character, most folks use a greater than sign '>' but any special 
printable character will suffice.
3.  Search the list archives before posting a question.  Many topics 
have been discussed extensively in prior messages.  Also, please read 
through the Release Notes for Fedora Core.  There are major changes with 
this release, including making Secure Linux (SELinux) a default.
4.  Placing two dashes and a space between message content and your 
signature, will in most cases, result in automatic cutoff of your 
signature when your messages are replied to.  Please note:  Some mailers 
will not display any content to include this line and any lines below it.
5.  To unsubscibe from the list you can visit the Fedora Mail List web 
page at
6.  Please contact me directly with suggestions and comments.
James McKenzie
With assistance, Now running 2.6.11rc4, Software Suspend 2
and ibm-acpi .1 on an IBM Thinkpad A22p
Need a home for my .rpm

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