List Rules

Hacksaw hacksaw at
Sat Feb 26 13:39:26 UTC 2005

>2.  Place your replies at the bottom of messages.

This is actually a misinterpretation of a much better idea: When replying to a 
message, quote the relevant passage you are replying to as concisely as 
possible, preceeding each line with a non alphanumeric, preferably '>', then 
add your reply in plain text.

Repeat as necessary.

>3.  Search the list archives before posting a question.

This leads me to another important suggestion. To aid in the searching, please 
write subject lines that concisely tag the message. For instance, if you are 
having a problem getting past the partitioning phase of an install of FC3, 
don't set the subject to "Install Fails", set it to "Can't get past 
partitioning on FC3".

>Haven't you little boys anything better to do with your time than play
>list cop?

Two other suggestions come to mind here. First is that you probably shouldn't 
call it "List Rules". It might be better to call it "Suggestions to ensure the 
widest readership of your question or problem." This gets the goal across 

The second is that ad hominem attacks probably won't result in positive 
action. In fact, in the old days, a million years ago in Internet time, we 
called those sorts of posts "Trolls".
The key is realizing the whole world is stupid and being happy anyway -- -- KB1FVD

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