FC3 86x_64: check, burn, boot problems

Scott Elliott sgelliot at mtu.edu
Sat Feb 26 16:44:59 UTC 2005

Peter Arremann wrote:
> On Saturday 26 February 2005 02:49, Scott Elliott wrote:
>>Well, neither of those work, i am downloading the CDs off the torrent, i
>>will try those in the morning.
>>Sorry about previous posts above the quoted text.
> Scott,
> which board exactly do you have? and have you updated the firmware on it to 
> the latest revision? Also - I know it sounds weird - but what kind of DvD 
> drive do you have and is its firmware up to date? 
> Peter.
I have an MSI K8N Neo (FSR), with updated bios as of late december.
DVD is a Sony, DRU530A, CDR/RW/DVD+R/RW/DVD-R/RW with latest firmware(to 
get 8x DVD+-R).
I have an old Liteon 24x10x40 also.
I have tried both the DVD and 4CD version of FC3,x86_64, even tried the 
CD version in both drives. I have tried with all combinaitons of the 
three mentioned kernel parameters, acpi=off, ide=nodma, and nocddma. In 
each time, it gets past the filesystem mouting fine, says its running 
install and then running /sbin/loader, at which point the cursor on a 
new line moves three spaces(like a please wait thing i think) then 
nothing. after a short time, all my drives spin down, and the fans slow 
to not even hearing them(no cpu usage sign).
I have started downloading both the FC3,i386 DVD and the FC2,x86_64 DVD, 
but i dont want to waste the disc's if there is some other problem in 
the way.
Oh, i have an ATI Radeon 9600 video card, SATA HDD(120G, winxp and a 
couple partitions, plus free space between system and data paritions), 
and a D-link Wireless card.
Thanks for the help.


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