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> Good afternoon!

<drivel snipped>

> Have a great day!

Um, sure.

> Rob

This type of hair-splitting, barracks-lawyering claptrap is exactly what I 
am talking about.  People like this are the ones who will take "the rules" 
and decide that it is their job to publicly gripe if your signature doesn't 
have a space after the hyphens, or your .sig is too long, too short, 
politically correct, or whatever.  Screw that.

How about this - if you don't like someone's post, delete it.  Or maybe 
refer them (preferably privately) to ESR's "How To Ask Questions The Smart 
Way."  It isn't your (or my) place to tell anyone how they should live their 
life, whether it is wearing some color after a certain date or using HTML or 
top posting or [fill in your favorite stupid peeve that some nimrod is bound 
to gripe about].

If the owner of this list (that would be Red Hat) wants to impose rules, 
then so be it.  It's their bandwidth, their servers, their product.  But if 
someone who has no more or less standing (we're all volunteers here except 
Warren Togami and Colin Charles) than me tries to tell me what "the rules" 
are, I'm going to tell them to go pound sand.

Now seriously, let this stupid thread die.


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