System freeze ?

Ted ted at
Sun Feb 27 15:28:54 UTC 2005

David Curry wrote:
> Ted wrote:
>> Ted wrote:
>>> I am using a gigabyte mobo, athlon xp2600 processor and a nvidea 
>>> graphics card...I have 2 hdds with Libranet on one and fedora
>>> on the other...I have tried several distros on this box and all except
>>> Libranet freeze at some time...When the ststem freezes I can move
>>> the mouse pointer but the k/board is totally locked and the kde clock
>>> does not count down and I have to resort to the reset button.
>>> Knotix,Slackware,Ubuntu and SuSE seem to crash within a couple of
>>> hours but Fedora will sometimes last for a day or so....I can replicate
>>> the crash by deleting mail in my inbox too quickly or calling up apps
>>> from the task bar quickly will sometimes cause it to crash..
>>> Memtest seems to rum forever ok and have tried the Mersenne prime test
>>> and that is ok...I have also opened the case and forced fan cooling 
>>> into it but no difference...Any tips welcome...
>> Forgot to mention..... I get no error messages at all
> Ted, could you post your kernel version?  Are you using a desktop?  
> Gnome, Kde, Xfce?
Thanks for the mail..This is the present kernel...
  I have tried other kernels in other distros but all fail
apart from Libranet...They fail no matter which desktop I use
although as I said memtest will run all night as will seti from
a normal terminal..I have swapped the vid card over with my other box
which I know is ok but did not make any difference neither did moving
over the memory chips...I have also tried recompiling the kernel
as near as I can to the Libranet kernel but that failed too..
Another odd thing is I get the same results from a live distro..
Tried Mepis live and Ubuntu live but both freeze if I clear mail
messages too fast...

  Ted Wager
   Using Fedora Linux

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