yum horror

M Daniel R M danes16subscrip3 at ya.com
Sat Jan 1 17:10:31 UTC 2005

> >
> > When trying yum with ATrpms, I find that dependencies get not resolved
> > and this makes yum almost unusable.
> >
> > Is there a fix ?
> There have been reports in the archives that the version of yum in
> updates-testing works better with file dependencies (which for what ever
> reason seems to affect ATrpms disproportionately).

Hi list,
First, BEST WISHES FOR THE 2005 to all fedora-users whenever it starts
wherever you all are...
Now, simply to say (see like facts, not consider insane criticism..)
that I had some dependencies problems too by trying to update or install
packages both with yum as apt-get when using ATrpms repo, but never
REPORTED that since I just commented out again its lines in the /etc
configuration files, then the system recovered again its package
	*Before, when using FC1 I chose as ADDITIONAL repositories the dag,
freshrpms, dries and newrpms ones. Well, not exactly "I chose",
simply...one day, I ran into dag's repo, learnt what a hell was that...,
follow its instructions, and added it. Then would come the others. But
adding ATrpms (the last one) I experienced some problems, so -and
although this one was announced as "compatible" with the another ones-,
I simply removed it from the list. "Never mind, newbie problems...", and
I didn't give to it major importance* since I didn't want to complicate
things on the system because of that. 
	*Then when using FC3 (my next big step...;-) I chose (this time yes...)
to have again the same "compatible-group" of repos than before, but
without adding the ATrpms one in prevention; For several days,
everything worked like a charm,  but giving me a new chance with ATrpms
again, finally added it (I was interested in some rpm packages like
skencil). There started those mentioned problems, with both yum and apt
(this one gave me some additional info in its warnings about the
possible origin of the problem and how i could correct the situation, I
did it (don't remember the option to type that apt suggested..) I have
to say that revert to the previous stage was easy. Of course, I had to
remove skencil by hand if I wanted that the system was updated whenever
I wanted it. 

There is no criticism at all, simply I'm not reluctant to play with some
things if I can avoid it.


* Is that said in that way in English ??? Ummm...apologies for my
English.., I think it's becoming worse and worse by the time. I hope not
to destroy too much its syntaxis, I feel that..:-)

P.S. (Now or never..) Many thanks to all those people that in some way
or another are contributing with their time and effort to the Fedora
project in particular, and Linux in general.

Cheers again,

Daniel Rodríguez

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