trouble shooting Fedora Core 3 installation

Sam Varshavchik mrsam at
Sun Jan 2 01:04:59 UTC 2005

Stephen King writes:

> I've just installed FC3 on my hard drive
> It is incredibly slow and the graphics dont display correctly or refresh 
> very well; some times not at all.
> The only way I can see certain windows is to pass the mouse over the 
> window to display the contents.
> Some program options form the menu don't display at all particularly 
> those related to system or preferences
> Any help would be most appreciated

Looks like a problem with your xorg video driver.

Identify your video card.  Read xorg's driver-specific notes for your 
hardware.  By default, all hardware acceleration options are enabled.  Try 
disabling hardware acceleration, one option at the time, to see if it cures 
your display corruption.

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