firefox question re mpg download disposal

William Anderson william1 at
Sun Jan 2 03:30:45 UTC 2005

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Firefox stores file downloads in a download directory by default. This
directory is configured in the firefox preferences dialog. You will find
the mpg file stored there.

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Gene Heskett wrote:
| Greetings;
| I just tried to download the video of the hearing where the SCO case
| against DC was dismissed, a 56meg mpg download.  The menu said it was
| to use vlc to play it.  On the first download, vlc never started, and
| it is installed and works just fine.
| On the second download, I let it finish too, but changed it to save to
| disk in the menu, then went looking for the file, wasn't to be found
| by an updatedb+locate.
| Third time, I found the growing file in the Cache, and watched it till
| the dl was finished and that file disappeared out from under vlc as
| it was supposedly renamed and moved at the end of the download.
| However, firefox never asked me where to put the file!  So I'm doing
| another updatedb to see if it was deleted, or if it was just moved
| someplace.
| IMO, this should warrant a bugzilla entry against firefox 1.0, or has
| this already been done?  Update, no its not been found, so where the
| hell does firefox put such stuff, /dev/null?
| FWIW, I just added vlc at the top of the list of mpeg players in the
| kde prefs, but I've NDI if that will bother firefox.  Can anyone
| advise me please?
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