HP notebook wireless networking

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On Mon, 3 Jan 2005 12:00:48 -0700, James Mounts <james at trueld.com> wrote:
> If that is what they are doing/saying about the PCI card, I would turn to
> different laptop company. Just buying into it makes them believe they can
> that.
> But who knows, maybe it's not true after all.
> You can get a NICE dell for little money.  :D

Well, I haven't checked it out, but here is the HP thread stating the
purpose for the whitelist:


It is unfortunate, but I think HP makes quality products and I don't
see it as a good enough reason not to do business with them,
especially if it is the FCC requirement.
I wouldn't say you could get a *nice* Dell for little money, but a
decent one.  If you want a good CPU, modern video card, and a decent
amount of RAM, you are going to have to pay a little more.  You can't
buy a 64-bit machine from them, though.  I won't buy a Dell because
they only sell Intel CPUs.  I think AMD makes a much better CPU for
the price.  And when you can get a 64-bit laptop for easily under
$1500, it just doesn't make sense to buy 32-bit.


 True to that, I just don’t like how manufacturers can limit their boxes (
laptops ) by saying, " hey you have the slot, but you can only use these 2
cards ",  " we have banned the rest in the bios, GOOD DAY".

Its like, they are walking all over the consumer. 

As for the FCC stuff, in the US any radio device HAS to fall under FCC codes
to be LEGALLY sold here. They have to be able to receive interference, and
NOT transmit harmful interferences.

Soo, if they are ONLY blacklisting cards that are not falling under FCC
rules, then you SHOULD be able to fit a decent/different US based WIRELESS
card into that slot, if not. They are just monopolizing their products.

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