Mobo Compatability

Ric Tibbetts ric at
Tue Jan 4 00:00:40 UTC 2005

Good day all.
I took a browse through the archives, and couldn't find a clear answer 
to this, so I'm hoping someone here can point me in the right direction.

I'm going to be building a new box soon, based on either an ASUS, or 
Soyo Athon 64 mobo.
Does anyone have a good feel for what SATA RAID is supported in Fedora 
(I'll put FC3 on it).
RAID is not a priorety, so if support is sketchy, I'll forget it, and 
order it with standard drives, and not get the RAID enabled mobo. But if 
it's working, I would like to use it.

Thanks in advance.


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