wep key??

Aleksandar Milivojevic amilivojevic at pbl.ca
Tue Jan 4 16:37:25 UTC 2005

Jim wrote:
> -- i looked at the ifup- device file and all greek to me  
> am i suposed to editthat file with the correct settings? or does the
> ifcfg-device file get read into the ifup-device file?  sound
> confusing?
> is to me  

No, you are not supposed to edit ifup and ifup-wireless files.  Even if 
you do, they'd get overwritten when you upgrade initscripts package.

Basically, those two files are shell scripts.  At the beggining of each 
file, there's comment section describing various settings you can place 
in ifcfg-* and other configuration files.  If you know anything about 
shell scripting, by looking in them you can see what files they will 
read for various options.  What I missed is that keys-* config files 
will also be read by them (indirectly, from network-functions script 
which is sourced somewhere at the begining of ifup).

So, if your wireless device is eth0 (for example), you can place the KEY 
line in either network, ifcfg-eth0 or keys-eth0 file (keys-eth0 seems to 
be preferred location, place it there and make file readable only by 
root).  If you need to have more than one key, you can place them in 
variables KEY1, KEY2, KEY3, and KEY4 (up to four keys, limitation of the 
script), and specify with DEFAULTKEY wich one is the default key (for 
example DEFAULTKEY=3).  Check the man page for iwconfig for format of 
the KEY.  It sould be in the same format as iwconfig's key option.  Per 
man page, passphrase is not yet supported.

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