Postfix & Hostname problems.

Erik Ellestad eje at
Wed Jan 5 00:25:36 UTC 2005


If your domain has an MX record pointing to your FC2's A record, you 
don't probably want to change the myhostname setting.  Really it is 
best to leave that alone.

Probably it would be better to change the "mydomain =" and "myorigin = $mydomain" settings.


>Hi Everyone,
>Happy New Year!
>I am new to Postfix and I have read various documentation on 
>configuring it, but I am having a problem understanding/get to work 
>properly the $myhostname setting.
>Basically heres what I am trying to acheive...
>I have a domain name hosted with a company with an MX record 
>pointing to my dedicated FC2 Linux server, that is hosted with 
>another company (I do not want to change this). My dedicated server 
>already has a FQDN hostname that was assigned by the hosting 
>company. However, I want Postfix to use my domain name instead of 
>the system name. So, as far as I understood all I had to do to 
>overide this is edit and put in 
> But this causes all sorts of problems; 
>for some reason Postfix still insists on using the system hostname. 
>If I run 'postconf -n' mydomain is listed, so why don't it work? am 
>I assuming it can be overridden when a FQDN hostname already exists, 
>but it cannot? Arrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh! :)
>I've spent hours on this, but can't get no further. Please help.
>p.s. if I am being a bit vague or you want details of what goes 
>wrong, I will supply them; just didn't want to bore you all to death 
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