Gery listed?

Peter Arremann loony at
Tue Jan 4 23:48:48 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 04 January 2005 09:54, Mike Klinke wrote:
> Perhaps they simply didn't all go through the same server.  Look at
> your received mail headers to see which RH mail server(s) is/are
> involved in your question.
nope - [] every time...

> > Anyone any idea what does the fedora/rh list mail server base
> > it's greylist on?
> Since greylisting is simply a time delay system, I'm not sure what
> you are asking here.
I'm asking why - Yes, nothing is broken, but the behavior is not what was 
expected - hence for me its a problem... If I was in a windows environment I 
would say its normal and shrug it off - but we're talking unix here. 
Everything has a good explenation and I just wondered what it is :-)


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