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Wed Jan 5 04:25:33 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 05 January 2005 01:30, Markku Kolkka wrote:
> Chadley Wilson kirjoitti viestissään (lähetysaika tiistai, 4.
> tammikuuta 2005 17:41):
> >  4. In resulting tree, the configurations for the specific
> > kernels shipped in Fedora Core 3 are in the /configs/
> > directory. For example, the i686 SMP configuration file is
> > named /configs/kernel-<version>-i686-smp.config. Issue the
> > following command to place the desired configuration file in
> > the proper place for building:
> >
> >             cp <desired-file> ./.config
> >
Which directory am I supposed to be in when I run this command?

> >
> >
> > What has me stuck is I don't have a ./.config directory,
> Good, you shouldn't have one. The command in step 4 will copy
> <desired-file> as the file .config in the current directory
> (./.config)
> > and second <desired file> : what is my
> > desired file?
> How could we know your desires? You have to make that choice by
> yourself. 
cool so I put the pdf from my home directory in there. (damn the system is 

Well I have never ever done this, I am following the release notes way, thats 
all. I am not recompiling the kernel and am not doing anything custom. 
So in the perfect world situation here which file would you copy?

Give me some Idea as what it is I am supposed to copy, for all I know I must 
put a pdf file in configs directory. Please understand I haven't got a clue 
as to what is meant by "cp <desired-file>"

I am using the standard kernel on the FC3 cds and the standard src.rpm from


> > is it the new directory located in
> > /usr/src/redhat/BUILD/ or something else.
> No, it's one of the configuration files (not directories) in the
> configs directory, just as the instructions say.
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