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Bharath Tadhekrishna wrote:

| Sir, I am from india.Studying CSIT. The purpose of this message is
| help required in linux installation. my friend had given me Fedora
| Core linux CD's but i dont know exactly how to install>many of my
| friends told that It is very difficult to install.So when i
| searching i find your mailing list.
| My system requirements are: =========================== 128MB Ram
| 20GB with 10GB windows 98 and other i left for files. pentium 3.
| please tell me now the steps to install Fedora in it.And i want
| dual booting i.e., both linux and windows 98.

Linux in my opinion is easier to install than Windows.  It can be very
complex if you go though the expert installs, but if you let Linux do
what it wants, you will end up with an excellent product.

Most modern Linuxes will resize your Windows install if you let it.  I
have never felt comfortable letting any operating system touch any
other operating system.  Maybe I am a little anal/paranoid about this,
but sorry, I get spooked.  So, when doing a dual boot install, I
generally use a program like Partition Magic to first split my drive
into a smaller Windows partition and unpartitioned space.  Then when
you install Fedora, simply boot from that CD you have.  When it asks,
select the option to install into the unpartitioned space.  Let Fedora
manage the partitioning from there.  Until you are more failure with
Linux, simply take the defaults.  Linux has options that simply have
no equivalent in Windows, so take the defaults until you are ready to
explore further.

While she has never tried it, I would trust my mother to do a Fedora
install, and she is about as computer illiterate as  they come.  So
relax, pop the top on a good IPA, and find out that installing an
operating system does not have to be on par with brain surgery.

Welcome to Linux

Kevin Fries
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