kernel recognizing large (> 2.1 TB) block devices ?

Peter Arremann loony at
Wed Jan 5 15:10:45 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 05 January 2005 08:48, Randall A. Jones wrote:
> If standard SCSI is the limitation, do you know if fiber channel has this
> limitation?  If I switch to a fiber channel connection between the RAID
> and PC, and considering the kernel LBD support, should that allow larger
> volumes to be recognized properly?
> Thanks,
> Randall

Fibre channel is just a transport mechanism - the protocol you run on top (IP 
and SCSI are popular choices) don't care that you use fibre... So yes, you'll 
run into the same issue there. Again, right now we have 64bit scsi emerging, 
so you might be lucky. The big advantage you have with fibre is that the scsi 
processing can usually be largely changed by a firmware upgrade - ICP vortex 
i.e. has recently released working versions of their firmware 
( 1.11.4 was supposed to do 
the trick but 1.11.6 actually does... 

Of course that still assumes your raid itsself can handle volumes larger than 


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