[newb, fc3] Samba Problems

Kevin Fries Kevin at hcico.com
Wed Jan 5 19:22:01 UTC 2005

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neilh.net at boltblue.com wrote:
| I guess this is a bug with the package management gui.
| I conclude that Fedora isn't a particularly wise choice for Linux
newbies or
| people who like to use guis.

Oh I absolutely disagree!

However, I think both up2date and yum need to be tossed in the dumpster!
~ Neither one is overly well designed in my opinion.

If you like GUI package management, go to dag.wieers.com and pull down
then install the apt package.

Once apt is installed, grab a root terminal and issue a "apt-get update"
command to get your cache set up.  Finally issue a "apt-get install
synaptic" command.  Synaptic is package management that my grandmother
can handle.  Click on reload, click on mark all upgrades, click on
apply.  It does not get much simpler than that!

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