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Thu Jan 6 00:58:04 UTC 2005

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Kim Lux wrote:

|a) I can't seem to get searches to find topics that I know are in the
|lists.  I don't have an example off the top of my head, but it would
|save me a ton of time if I could do a good advanced search on these
|archives, something like being able to specify multiple keywords in the
|subject or in the body, that sort of thing.  
|b) I get the list summary, but it isn't convenient to reply to the posts
|like that.  I can't reply on the list website itself and I don't want to
|get the list posts as individual emails because the volume is too high.
|I find reply to posts from the list summary to be slow because you have
|to manually edit the subject and if you don't get it right you've just
|created a new topic.  I think I wish that this list (and others) were a
|regular usenet newsgroup, but I understand that would have some
|drawbacks too.   

I for one am using Thunderbird to read emails.  I get them as
individual messages.  Just this afternoon, I got Procmail fully
configured and sorting my emails at the IMAP server.  Before that, I
had Thunderbird doing it.  But having to keep the same rules at home
and in the office was sometimes a pain.  Now with Procmail
filtering/sorting/filing at the server that is a thing of the past.
Lastly, I tell Thunderbird to sort my messages by subject and show
them threaded.  This allows me to follow or ignore entire threads quickly.

Searching all the messages in a mail directory (mail folder) should be
fairly simple for any reasonable email or NN program.

Kevin Fries

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