Adding new items to the GNOME main menu in FC3

Chris Morrison chris-morrison at
Thu Jan 6 02:28:28 UTC 2005

Hi all,

After much tweaking and hacking (for a newbie), I have finally got Pan
to work under FC3.

I would now like to add it to the 'Internet' sub-menu of the GNOME main

However, the GNOME main menu seems to have been 'locked' by Red Hat to
stop additional items being added to it.

While logged on as root, I have right clicked on the Internet menu, but
the 'Entire menu->Add new item to this menu' item is greyed out, and if
I open 'applications:///Internet' in the file browser and try to drop
the a launcher I have created into it, I get an error saying 'This
location is read-only.' 

How do you add new items to the GNOME main menu?



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