How to logon MSN using gaim?

Mazott Zeo mazott at
Wed Jan 5 19:46:05 UTC 2005

> I'm using GAIM for MSN chatting as well. Put your MSN/Passport
> username at domain.this as your GAIM screenname/accountname, and your password
> as normal.
> Never had a problem. Just make sure if you are using a Hotmail account as your
> MSN/Passport account name, you do have to enter the "".
> --Etanisla

I had tried for few times but still did not manage to logon. 
I purposely provided a wrong password and the system manage to detect
it, thus it returned me a warning. However, when i provided my correct
password, it returned me: Error reading from Notification Server.

My system is connected to Internet via a windows network, will it be
the problem?


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