Thinkpad special cursor buttons

Tim Niemueller gmane at
Thu Jan 6 23:34:19 UTC 2005


I could not find this in the archives. If I missed it please point me in 
the right direction.

I have played with this now a couple of weeks and it just does not work.

What I want to do: There are two special keys on newer IBM Thinkpads 
(here it is a T41p). I want to use them for "next desktop" and "previous 
desktop". For some information and a foto see

So I tried to do it the xmodmap way. And I thought it worked. But it 
only works exactly one time. For another time you have to completely 
restart X. The new Gnome informs you that it ignores ~/.Xmodmap, so I 
tried to load it via the session management of Gnome. No chance. No 
matter with which priority it started the settings got screwed.
I have also tried to mess with xkb but it seems I didn't tweak the right 

Has anybody done this and can tell how to get these keys working in FC3?



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