How do you know?

Emmanuel Seyman seyman at
Fri Jan 7 01:16:11 UTC 2005

On Thu, Jan 06, 2005 at 03:12:06PM +0100, Maciej R. wrote:
> I wanted to ask why you are using 'Fedora' and not for example 'Suse' or
> 'Debian'? What is the reason for choosing 'Fedora'? If you had a choice

Habit, mostly. My first Linux distribution was Red Hat Linux 4.2.

I hang out at Parinux, the local LUG where I try to help out whenever we
have an install party. A side-effect is that I tend to test other
distributions from time to time (latest was Ubuntu) so that I can recommend
whichever one is the most appropriate but I keep on coming back to RH/Fedora.

In no particular order:

Debian: Choose between an outdated distribution and two which don't have
	security updates? No thanks.
Mandrake: Serious lack of polish. All flash, no substance.
Suse: Never tried it. We disagree on this whole OSS commitment thing.
Ubuntu: A distribution with Windows' featureset. What was the point, again?
Gentoo: This is next on my list. I just need to find the time (lots of it,
	according to all accounts).

To be fair, all of these distributions work, none of them would have the
amount of users they currently enjoy if they were didn't. But I'm used to
Red Hat's layout, Bluecurve blows me away, updating doesn't break anything
and it's 100% OSS.

What else can I say ?

> between 'Suse 9.2 Professional - DVD Edition' and 'Fedora Core 3 on DVD'
> what would you do?

See above. Fedora everytime.


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