SpeedTouch 330 (adsl 256) modem config under RedHat 9 !!!

Ali Couran Kote alikote at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 7 09:41:35 UTC 2005

Hi every body,

I am downloading Fedora Core 3 iso single DVD file.
Yesterday some kind guy burned RedHat 9 for me. I have
allready installed (last nigth) it and now have some
questions for you all:

1/ I have an adsl modem, SpeedTouch 330; it uses a USB
port. It was running well under WinXP (my PC has a
dual boot: winxp and redhat). I would like to make it
running under redhat. Does some one have any
experience ?

2/ A second PC(for my 2 childs) is under Win2K,
connected via a small hub to mine. It shares the
internet connexion installed in my PC. I must
configure the internet connexion on RedHat and share
it with this 2nd PC. "Internet configuration wizard"
of redhat9 indicates only the eth0 as a periperial to
use for internet connexion. I don't see anywhere the
SpeedTouch 330 adsl modem. Any idea ?

3/ Which one is better: Fedora Core3 or Redhat 9 ?
Possible upgrade from Redhat9 to Fedora Core3 ? Not
necessary (possible) ?

Thanks for all you will do for me.

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* Tel.: +221 6381646          *
* BP 16430                    *
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* E-mail: alikote at yahoo.com   *

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