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Fri Jan 7 15:59:03 UTC 2005

Amadeus W.M. wrote:
> COMPUSA has a good deal on a netgear wireless router: after countless
> mail-in rebates you can get a 54Mb wireless router (g) with a 54Mb
> wireless PCI card all for $40. From what I could gather, the pci card uses
> the madwifi driver. Would I have to manually download and compile the
> madwifi driver or does it come with FC2 or FC3? Are there rpms? I would
> like to know this before I actually go ahead and buy the card.

Abut the Netgear and similary priced D-Link router.  I bought D-Link for 
$30 Canadian ($70 base price and $40 mail-in rebate) over the web for 
Christmass (however it arrived couple of days ago).  Returned it after 
two days.  Connection between the router and all wireless cards I tested 
with it (4 cards in total) was constantly going up and down (sometimes 
once every few minutes, sometimes couple of times per minute).  The 
signal strenght was at maximum (or almost at maximum), but thing was 
just loosing connectivity.  Basically, it worked, but it worked slow 
because of unstable connection.  I found on the web that others had same 
problem with that router.  No solutions.

When considering what to get as replacement, Netgear (the one with 
rebates, same price, same rebate as D-Link) was one of the options.  But 
I found other people had problems with that one too.  So I decided to 
skip it, and not waste the time on it.

At the end, I bought Linksys Wireless-G, base price was almost the same 
as D-Link and Netgear (Dell has a sale, $71 Canadian), but "only" $15 
mail-in rebate that expires today or tommorow (D-Link and Netgear had 
$40 mail-in rebate), and got additional 5% off at FutureShop (I found 
that Dell was selling it for lower price then FutureShop (I think the 
ownership is same as BestBuy, basically same shop), so they 
price-matched and gave me additional 5% bellow Dell price, weeeheee). 
More money at the end, but Linksys worked perfectly with everything I 
threw at it.

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