Nu Tech Dual DVD CD Burner

Robin Laing Robin.Laing at
Fri Jan 7 16:18:19 UTC 2005

gerry freed wrote:
> many thanks.
> All that came with the distribution was cdrecord. What would you recommend?
> I have just got sick of Security problems and XP updates. With Linux you 
> have control over your own destiny.
> The limitation is that I am doing a lot of high quality photo work and 
> Postscript/ Ghostscript is a clumsy way of managing the printer 
> interface and colorimetry etc. Epson have a closed mind regarding Linux
> Gerry
> Marc M wrote:
>>I assume this is an internal burner that is already installed and no
>>hardware problems.
>>Go to, there is a tutorial on how to burn cd's. 
>>Just disregard the fact that they are cd's and a lot of the info is
>>still applicable.  It shows you settings for the burners.  THat might
>>help get you up to speed, then study the specifics on dvd's under
>>linux (beyond the scope of my help, sorry).  What burner software are
>>you using?   Makes a differrence to a certain extent.
>>Glad to hear youve taken over part of a M$ network.  I hope you are
>>able to take over the rest of it  LOL
>>On Thu, 06 Jan 2005 21:21:19 +0100, g.freed <g.freed at> wrote:
>>>Running FC2
>>>How do I using the above burner make  a DVD image of the installation
>>>for back up?
>>>Step by step please, I am a debutante to Linux, still amazed at how
>>>little of my rusty C programming skills were needed to install and take
>>>over the Internet front end of my Microsoft Network on a Sagem ADSL Modem.

Get k3b for burning.  It is easy and I have only made 2 coasters and 
that was when I was playing with settings.

yum install k3b

I have tried different printers and have gone back to Epson as they 
work best for my usage patterns.  There are epson tools for setting up 
your printer and cleaning the heads or getting ink levels.

man escputil

Robin Laing

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