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Me again and my script,

OK so part of scripting a fix for cdrom and udev and bla bla, I thought is 
would be cool to also script some rpms to save time,

In the script I have some line like this

rpm -Uvh $packagedir/package.rpm
rpm -Ivh $packagedir/package.rpm

theres about 70 packages in the dir.
The problem I am experiencing is if I upgrade a package in the dir, the 
version changes. and the script must be updated,
Now for dependancy solving I have to install them in a certian order.

Unfortunately I can't use up2date, apt , yume etc for this as The network that 
does the installs is isolated and has not internet access, As you can imagine 
on a PC prodction line we also do windows, and the risk of a virus getting 
onto brand new systems in too high so we are disconnected from the inet.

The PC builder 30 of them scp a folder from the server an execute the script 
which patches fixes install etc 

is there some way to tell the script not to look at the version number in 
other words:
this one is normal and must be updated on change of package
rpm -Uvh a52dec_0.7.4-7.1.fc3.fr_i386.rpm

This line is what I am after but am unsure of how to go about it
ie if I replace the rpm in the package dir with a newer version I don't need 
to update the script line.

rpm -Uvh a52dec<version>.rpm

I hope this makes, I am confusing myself here! :0

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