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Sat Jan 8 08:20:06 UTC 2005

On Sat, 8 Jan 2005 10:06:57 +0200, Chadley Wilson <chadley at> wrote:
> Greetings
> Me again and my script,
> OK so part of scripting a fix for cdrom and udev and bla bla, I thought is
> would be cool to also script some rpms to save time,
> In the script I have some line like this
> rpm -Uvh $packagedir/package.rpm
> rpm -Ivh $packagedir/package.rpm
> theres about 70 packages in the dir.
> The problem I am experiencing is if I upgrade a package in the dir, the
> version changes. and the script must be updated,
> Now for dependancy solving I have to install them in a certian order.
> Unfortunately I can't use up2date, apt , yume etc for this as The network that
> does the installs is isolated and has not internet access, As you can imagine
> on a PC prodction line we also do windows, and the risk of a virus getting
> onto brand new systems in too high so we are disconnected from the inet.
> The PC builder 30 of them scp a folder from the server an execute the script
> which patches fixes install etc
> is there some way to tell the script not to look at the version number in
> other words:
> this one is normal and must be updated on change of package
> rpm -Uvh a52dec_0.7.4-7.1.fc3.fr_i386.rpm
> This line is what I am after but am unsure of how to go about it
> ie if I replace the rpm in the package dir with a newer version I don't need
> to update the script line.
> rpm -Uvh a52dec<version>.rpm

Use an asterisk '*' for wild card replacement, e.g. 
# rpm -Uvh a52dec*.rpm

> I hope this makes, I am confusing myself here! :0
> --
> Chadley Wilson

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