Dual Booting FC3 Final and Win XP

jim lawrence fedorajim at gmail.com
Sat Jan 8 14:58:24 UTC 2005

 >1) Does the hard disk geometry bug still exist in the FC3 install?  If so,
 >does following the same steps on the above web page still get around
the problem?

  Not that I'm aware of, i have t Pc's dual booted  with XP PRO & FC3 

> 2) Does FC3 recognize an NTFS partition, or do I need to make my windows
> partition FAT32?  If I can use NTFS, are there extra steps, or does it just
> work?

It is not wise to try to write to ntfs partitions. get a disk
patitioning tool like partition magic, and create a fat32 partition if
you want  to do file sharring between to 2  operating systems.

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