FC3 Usability Problems

Brian Fahrlander brian at fahrlander.net
Sun Jan 9 00:29:33 UTC 2005

On Sat, 2005-01-08 at 13:11 -0800, Per Nystrom wrote:

> 1.  Evolution
> 	o Doesn't display some messages correctly.  To, From, and CC
> 	  headers are truncated; body is not rendered or only partially
> 	  rendered.  This happened in particular on several messages
> 	  with calendar appointments generated by Outlook.

    Wow; new one on me.  That's the ONE thing I could always count on it
to do properly, bar-none.

> 	o Slow as hell.  Took 3 hours (bogofilter can do it in about 5
> 	  minutes) for it to "learn" my list of about 4000 spam messages
> 	  for the junk feature.  Anyway, the junk feature itself feels
> 	  like a me-too effort that's unnecessary -- I'd rather plug in
> 	  a spam filter of my choice using the pipe to external program
> 	  feature in the incoming filters.

    Yeah, I don't yet trust antispam built into mail clients; I have
spamassassin on my email server, and only have to drag and drop to
"blacklist" and it's marked, 'whitelist' and it's unmarked.

    Kinda like a component stereo system. If you pay for a _tuner_ you
get a good tuner.  If you pay for a turntable (ok, let's call it a cd
player) you get a good one.  If you get one package that has it all,
you're gonna get cheap components.  This is due to the attention span a
group can call to bear.

> 2.  Two desktop panels is one too many
> 	o The new layout with the GIANORMOUS main menu drawer buttons is
> 	  ridiculous.  Use icons with hover popups to say "Applications"
> 	  and "Actions" -- don't spell them out in the panel!  Also,
> 	  trying to put the top panel on the left or right sides is a
> 	  sick joke -- the thing becomes massively thick and can't be
> 	  resized, probably because of the aforementioned spelled-out
> 	  drawer buttons.

    I'm working from the base FC3; I see no drawers other than what I
put on myself...(which I don't) and the top and bottom bars are pretty
skimpy.  Did you do an upgrade, or a re-install?  Maybe there are old
settings clouding the issue?

    No such top-to-side transition was found here- did it this morning.
Thin panel at the top, thin panel on the side.

> 3.  Firefox
> 	o I was completely unable to import my saved passwords from
> 	  Mozilla.  The File->Import dialog does absolutely nothing.
> 	  See this bug for details:
> 	  https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=140643

    Well, see, I'm a Galeon holdback.  I was ticked when I saw a galeon-
>firefox importer that I couldn't use under FC2.  But now I've learned
that galeon->mozilla and then mozilla->firefox is the way to go. Is the
method you mean?

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