Lightweight volume control for XFCE?

Marc Schwartz MSchwartz at
Sun Jan 9 19:41:02 UTC 2005

On Sun, 2005-01-09 at 13:13 -0600, Christopher J. Bottaro wrote:
> Whats a good lightweight volume control for XFCE?  I'd like something 
> that complies to that freedesktop standard so it will dock in the system 
> tray.  Maybe something written in gtk.  I'm using FC3 btw.

Add the Xfce volume control panel applet:

Right click on the edge of the Xfce panel and select Add New Item, then
select Volume Control from the list.

> On a side note, how do I make XFCE my default desktop?  I edited my 
> /etc/sysconfig/desktop to have the line
> but it doesn't work.

Just run the desktop switching tool:


and select Xfce.

BTW, to anyone else reading this, Xfce 4.2 is scheduled for final
release on Jan 16 (unless something unexpected occurs  ;-).


Marc Schwartz

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