SOLVED: Re: FC3 Installation Woes

Robert L Cochran cochranb at
Sun Jan 9 19:52:49 UTC 2005

Mike McMullen wrote:

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> Subject: FC3 Installation Woes
>> Hi All,
>> I just installed FC3 on a Soyo MB. The installation seemed to go fine.
>> On the reboot after the installation, I get the the message 
>> "Initializing hardware...".
>> That seems to go ok. Right after that I get "Configuring kernel 
>> parameters...".
>> The system hangs at that point. I let it sit for several minutes with 
>> no change. The
>> only way to regain control is to power cycle it.
>> Any ideas on what is going on here and better how to get past it?
>> Thanks!
>> Mike
> Doh! I removed rghb from the boot command and all is well now. Except for
> X not coming up but I'll wade through that.
> Mike
RHGB looks pretty, but it doesn't really work right (it tends to jump 
back to 'rhgb' mode a few seconds after you click the 'show details' 
link), and I prefer the kernel messages so I can be sure my devices are 
coming up OK.


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