Help Needed: Cant Start FEDORA Core2

Phil Schaffner P.R.Schaffner at
Sun Jan 9 23:19:43 UTC 2005

On Sun, 2005-01-09 at 14:41 -0800, Rebel wrote:
> Hi,
> I have run into the following problem:
> I have  a Dual Boot Dell Latitude Laptop with Windows
> 2000 and Fedora core 2. 
> ... snip ...
> . Downloaded Explore2FS
> and was able to copy all the important data from Linux
> Partition to Windows and Burned CDS. 
> Now I want to fix this problem. Any helps? Any ideas?

Boot in runlevel 3 and type I at the appropriate point.  Say N to PCMCIA
and see what happens then.

> I can always do a fresh install but I thought fixing
> this problem would add on to Knowledge.

I'd say it's time to try FC3 with a fresh install, regardless of
success/failure above.


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