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Mon Jan 10 16:03:47 UTC 2005

Am Mo, den 10.01.2005 schrieb jim lawrence um 16:20:

> > How do I start a service to run from start up - I don't have a windowing
> > system set on the machine, so s-c-s is out of the question.

> > Paul

> -- applications--->System Settings----> Server Settings--->Services
> you can choose one of those   OR
> Applications---> Preferences-----> More Preferences ----->Sessions
> Clickcthe Start-up  Programs   tab
> Click Add  and type in your app you want to start when you log in.

> jim lawrence


Paul said he has no X running on the machine where he wants to configure
service starts.

Besides "chkconfig" which was already mentioned, "setup" can be used.
"chkconfig" is to be prefered as it has options to defined service
starts/stops independent from current runlevel.

Having no service start script in /etc/init.d/ because i.e. it is an own
custom service, /usr/share/doc/initscripts*/sysvinitfiles instructs
about proper init script format, especially what chkconfig needs.


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