Opinion: Best VPN to use with Fedora/Windows

Kevin Fries kevin at hcico.com
Tue Jan 11 02:01:54 UTC 2005

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James Wilkinson wrote:

| Kevin Fries wrote:
|> OK, maybe I am simplifying things a bit more than I should be, so
|> let me ask:
|> My conceptual understanding of VPN was that computerA needs
|> access to NetworkB as if it were located on the physical network
|> even though it is somewhere else.
| That's one option.
| The one we mainly use at work looks like this:
| Main Site                            Remote Site
| <--- VPN --->
| Essentially, we have a conventional routed network. It's just that
| the traffic goes over an encrypted channel.
| We used to do this over a leased line, a "private network" (as
| opposed to the public Internet).
| Now we use encryption, encapsulation, and the Internet to achieve
| the same effect. It's a virtual "private network".

ahhh, I see my shortsightedness now.  I am trying to deal with road
warriors, not remote offices.  Your explanation makes perfect sense, I
was just not thinking of it that way.  I probably did not make that
part as clear as I thought I had.  The website for openvpn seems to
spend allot of time on this scenario, but claims to handle the road
warrior also.  I will be testing that assumption this week since
openvpn seems to be everyones favorite.

Kevin Fries

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