nasty problem after install new video card

Kenny Gow kgfedora at
Tue Jan 11 15:25:52 UTC 2005

Alexander Volovics wrote:
> I replaced the video card in an AMD64 pc with FC3-x86_64 with
> a new card (nVIDIA GeForce FX5200 replaced by a nVIDIA GeForce
> FX5700 LE) and used kudzu to remove the old adapter and install
> the new. (Kudzu reacted correctly at boot).
> As I do not like using gdm/rhgb I always configure for runlevel 3
> and use 'startx'.
> Before using 'startx' I edited xorg.conf with the correct entries.
> This is for a LCD monitor using DVI and the 'nv' driver.
> However now 'startx' either remains at the black screen or progresses
> to the blue Gnome startup background (on which normally the Fedora splash
> screen appears with the changing icons before you see the panel, etc.)
> but then no Gnome desktop.
> I have checked the xorg log file in /var/log and other logs for any
> indication of video problems but everything appears OK.
> So I think something happened to the Gnome configuration somewhere.
> I see errors like the following:
> (Gnome-panel:3671): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: :0.0
> Any suggestions how to solve this. I really need the GUI at the moment.
> Alexander

I think that the FC3 nv driver does not support newer nvidia cards.
I have a 5700 Ultra card and the FC3 install put the nv driver into
xorg.conf but it doesn't work--won't start X. So I booted into run
level three to do the post-install configuration. To get X windows
I initially changed from the "nv" driver to the "vesa" driver. But
I quickly installed the nvidia driver to get the full 3D capabilities.

Everything works fine with the nvidia driver.


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