FC3 rpm kernel update location

Alexander Dalloz ad+lists at uni-x.org
Tue Jan 11 16:19:29 UTC 2005

Am Di, den 11.01.2005 schrieb Richard Emberson um 17:04:

> This weekend I both upgraded on one machine and installed on a different
> machine FC3 without any problems!!! Last night I started getting and
> installing update rpm packages (apt with synaptic) but I notice that
> there were no kernel updates (for the locations I have in my
> sources.list file). Could someone please be so kind to tell me the
> location of FC3 kenel updates. Thanks.

> Richard

The kernel updates are in the same location as other package updates,
existing on each mirror server. Give the mirrors just a bit time to get
in sync with the master.


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