Dual Boot with FC3 and Win 2K

John Thorburn jwt0530 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 11 22:33:41 UTC 2005

I have a Dell system which has 2 HD's and a current
install of Win 2K. I wiped out the 2nd HD and
installed FC3 on it. I used the Auto Partition option
for this drive and installed GRUB to handle the boot
load stuff. However, the system doesn't give me the
option at boot to use FC3 or Win 2K; it just goes to
Win 2K.

I tried placing GRUB on hda and then on hdb. Neither
worked. I tried to reinstall the Boot Loader and, when
I do, FC3 tries to install Firefox and then tells me
that no images were loaded and that none of my boot
loader changes will take effect.

I've tried alot of stuff so far and I'm at my wit's
end. Any help would be appreciated as I'm new to

Thanks much in advance.
John T.

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