Install FC3 with 2.6.10

Ian Mortimer ian at
Wed Jan 12 02:02:55 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-01-12 at 10:04, Ryan D'Baisse wrote:

> 1. Is it possible to download an ISO of FC3 with 2.6.10 so I may do an
> install from CD?

Not that I know of.  You could make your own custom boot iso.

> 2. Since I assume the answer to #1 is a big fat "no," is it possible
> to download the 2.6.10 updates for FC3 now, while I am still on FC2,
> and apply them without any connectivity to the outside world, once I
> have FC3 on the box?
> This is critical as Linuxant's Driverloader -- my saving grace for my
> PCMCIA NIC -- won't load with the 2.6.9 kernel in FC3 because of ACPI
> issues.  So, I would essentially need to get FC3 with 2.6.10 before I
> have any networking.

If you can install FC3 at all you should be able to get the errata
kernel installed without needing the network.  Various ways: put
the errata kernel rpm on the hard disk and do an update install,
put it in a partition that doesn't get overwritten if you're doing
a fresh install, install it from removable media.


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