viewing Docbook files?

Eric Smith eric at
Wed Jan 12 02:49:17 UTC 2005

The kernel-doc package provides a bunch of documentation in the
Documentation/DocBook directory as .tmpl files.  I'm trying to figure
out how to view them.  They come up fine in an editor as SGML, but
I want to see the formatted result.  Nautilus seems to know that they're
DocBook files (judging by the icon it uses), but doesn't seem to know
what to view them with.  A Google search turned up a posting that suggested
that yelp knows how to view them, but when I load them with yelp it just
shows me the raw SGML, just as gedit does.

I see that the docbook-utils package includes docbook2ps.  Sounds promising.
I read the man page on docbook2ps, and it indicates that there should also
be a docbook2pdf, but that doesn't appear to actually be in the package.
It goes on to say that it is just a wrapper for jw.  So I try
"jw -b pdf usb.tmpl", and out pops a usb.tex file.  Hmmm.  Next I try
"docbook2ps usb.tmpl", thinking that I will be able to run the Postscript
output through ps2pdf.  But out pops a usb.tex file again.  No error
message or warning about anything being missing.  I do have tetex,
tetex-dvips, tetex-latex, tetex-fonts, and jadetex installed; is there
something else jw needs to finish the process?

Surely there must be an easier way?

Thanks for any advice!

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