Root partition size and configuration

Alberto M R Davila amrdavila at
Wed Jan 12 02:25:10 UTC 2005


I use FC1 and initially setup my / partition with 5.5GB, then just
realized it is a bit small for a server configuration (I already have
/usr/local = 20GB, /boot = 100MB and /home = 5GB) ... I did not know mysql
will put the databases under /var and that /usr/lib would be big as
well... so my problem now is how to expand the size of "/" without
re-install ?

Also, would it be better to try to move (or redirect with a symlink) /var
and/or /usr/lib ? Finally, I installed the mysql RPM distributed with the
distribution so, is there a way to tell it to use /usr/local to store
databases ?

Thanks, Alberto

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