"Browser does not exist. Please reconfigure." error

Jiann-Ming Su sujiannming at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 16:30:19 UTC 2005

On Thu,  2 Dec 2004 07:30:48 -0500 (EST), Mike Burger
<mburger at bubbanfriends.org> wrote:
> I'm running FC2, and am in a slight quandry.
> I switched to Firefox and Thunderbird instead of Mozilla.
> When I click on a URL in Thunderbird, it comes up with a box reading:
> ERROR: The browser does not exist.  Please reconfigure.
> I'm not sure what I'm supposed to reconfigure, though, or how to go about it.
> I suppose I should note that I'm using KDE as my desktop/window manager, as
> I'm sure that will come into play, here.
> Thanks for any ideas someone might be able to provide.

I'm getting a similar error in pine using FC3.  When I try to view an
html attachment, I get the following xmessage:
  ERROR: The browser /usr/local/firefox/firefox does not exist. 
Please reconfigure.

I've checked my .pinerc file and there is no reference to
/usr/local/firefox/firefox.  That was where I had firefox installed
when running FC1.

Jiann-Ming Su
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