FC3 - i'm disapointed

Kiryl Hakhovich administrator at bsolution.net
Thu Jan 13 17:01:32 UTC 2005

Hey guys,
I have to post it.

I have been using RH from RH 7.0
And was pretty happy with.

Then moved on to FC1 then FC2.... and now FC3.

I hate to admit it but FC3 is really broken in general.
I do not want to start a new flame thread but here is a several items i 
can assume lot's of them has to do with kernel 2.6:
	- usb drivers - not stable
	- network - same
	- some applications compiled on the system - crashes
	- certain kernel updates - make system not bootable
	- Open Office tend to load memory to the point that machine need to be 
	and list grows on a daily basis which is really reminds me a windowZ 
and nothing close what it was in FC1  on the same hardware for example.

I understand that this is probably inappropriate post, but i have been 
in pain since I moved to FC3.

Does any one else experience as many problems as i do?


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