Nervious wannabe new user asks for advice.

thebearwitchproject thebearwitchproject at
Thu Jan 13 17:10:41 UTC 2005


I would like to go over to FC3 from Windows, but I am
a bit nervious of doing so. I am not exactly software
literate, hardware fine and dandy, software hesitant.
therefore I would like to ask a few questions, and if
they have been asked before please be patient with me.

I assume most of my hardware will be compliant, but I
will give those details later if they are wanted. My
main worry is my ADSL modem and my printer. I have
looked at the Red Hat compatability list nd can't find
either of them, though that may be because they are
either peculiarly British or they are known by
different names in other places. 

So onto the hardware I am worried about. The first is
my ADSL modem which is a BT Voyager 100, the second my
printer which is an Epson C64, though I would be
upgrading to a R200 in the near future. Does anyone
here have any of these and if so did they work? If not
here would I go for drivers for them? 

I have been incontact with the Epson and British
Telecom (BT) about linux drivers and both came back
with a negative response. 

Well I hope i haven't wasted too much of your time and
I ook forward to any hlp you may be able to provide



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