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Kevin Fries Kevin at hcico.com
Thu Jan 13 19:57:12 UTC 2005

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jim lawrence wrote:
| here is a list of processes that I'm not sure i need
| if possible explain what they do i have read what they say they do in
| the Service Configuration       i use my notebook for programming, web
| browsing, and web development
| *mDNSResponder
I think this one is pretty optional, but don't quote me on this one.

| *crond
Absolutely.  This runs several automatic processes such as indexing
files for easy searching.  I use it to do an "apt-get update" every
morning.  It then does a simulated "apt-get upgrade" and emails me the
results so that I can tell when packages upgrade without letting the
system do it automatically.

This is just one of several maintenance things that occur.  Look in
/etc/cron.* directories.  There should be several scripts there that run
automatically.  The directory names will make it obvious how often it runs.

| *autofs
Unless you are auto mounting something (like home directories) I would
think you can probably get rid of this one.

| *atd
This one goes with cron.  I would keep it

| *sendmail
I wish Linux distros would stop installing this by default.  If you have
a smtp and either a pop or imap server you collect email from, it is
safe to remove this.  However, if you do not have such a servers
available to you, you will need to keep this.

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