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Kevin Fries kevin at hcico.com
Fri Jan 14 00:17:31 UTC 2005

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Sam Varshavchik wrote:

| Kevin Fries writes:
|> However, nowadays, most people get their email via either pop or
|> imap.  In those cases, you need MUA capabilities, not MTA
|> capabilities.  By telling cron to send to me at mailserver.example.com I
|> no longer need sendmail installed locally.
| Really?  Cron now includes a complete built-in SMTP client?
Think about it, there is no difference sending to a local smtp sender
as it is to send to a remote smtp sender.  If it used the local inject
(i.e. the /usr/bin/sendmail -t command) qmail would break the system
since it does not have a sendmail command.  It doesn't break.  So, it
sends to the smtp address given it.  If you simply tell it root, it
assumes root at localhost, and contacts port 25 on the localhost.  If you
give it a fqdn, it uses the standard resolver.  I do not run sendmail
on any machine, and postfix on the mail server only.  I get my daily
logwatch messages, and other notification from cron on all machines.

Kevin Fries
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