Sound Blaster Live FC2 Issue

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Fri Jan 14 07:27:58 UTC 2005

James Wilkinson wrote:

>Ryan McDougall wrote:
>>Ok we are having another problem with the same computer in my post
>>about the CD drives... Anyway this time the sound card does not work.
>>It is a Sound Blaster Live and it got detected on OS install time and
>>the modules are loaded at bootup but no sound is played. We have tried
>>to do the automatic sound card detection but nothing is played when
>>you try to test it said can't open output file /dev/dsp does not
>Usual answer: go to the volume control, and make sure *all* the sliders
>are up. Yes, there are a lot of them.
>SB Lives work fine.
Also, check to see if you have '/dev/sound/dsp' or '/dev/sound/dsp0' 
instead of '/dev/dsp'.  I'm on an FC1 machine right now, so I can't 
check, but I think FC2 is where all the audio device nodes moved into a 
sub-directory (sound? asound? snd?).  Since not all audio applications 
can be configured for alternate soundcards, or device file locations, 
the easiest fix is to link /dev/sound/dsp (or whatever)  to /dev/dsp.

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