Foolproofing Fedora

Ryan Turner ryanjturner at
Sat Jan 15 12:50:17 UTC 2005


I am seeking tips and advice on how to set up an idiot
proof fedora installation.  My mother just purchased a
new PC to replace her aging iMac and ancient Win98 PC,
and I suggested she try Linux.  Of course, she's not
an idiot; but after having to explain the difference
between Linux and Microsoft Word, I think a few extra
steps are in order.  We purchased a computer that came
pre-installed with Linspire, but, distasteful of the
notion of paying for free software (through their CNR
service), I opted for Fedora Core 3.

Specifically, I'm seeking for help with a two things:
I want to remove the Red Hat Network update icon in
the system tray; and run up2date from a cron job.  I'm
comfortable with automatically installing everything
up2date suggests (including new kernels, so I'd like
to remove that mask if its imposed at the up2date

Secondly, I'd like to modify what appears in the
Applications menu (in Gnome).  Some of the things
listed there are totally extraneous for new Linux
users.  I'd like to simplify the interface so that
Applications she needs will stick out, so she won't
have to go hunting for them.

Finally, as a bonus, is it possible to remove the
"Open Terminal" command from when you right-click on
the gnome desktop?  Though I didn't like Linspire
myself, I was amazed at how well they "protected"
completely ignorant users from the power of the

Thanks a lot.  I appreciate any UI-simplifying tips
anyone has to offer.

Ryan Turner

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