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Mark Weaver wrote:

| Michael Scottaline wrote:
|> On Fri, 14 Jan 2005 20:41:32 -0500 "fly over" <fly_over at soon.com>
|> insightfully noted:
|> FO>hi all, FO>new to fedora core , having problem. I have 4 cd
|> pack of fedora core 3. FO>I'm trying to install but not booting
|> from CD. i'hv already installed FO>win 2003 server and XP. please
|> tell me what ihv to do. FO> FO>thankx.
|> ============================= You likely just need to set your
|> BIOS to boot from CDROM before moving on to the HDD.  Try hitting
|> the F2 key when the BIOS comes up, but before the boot process
|> kicks in.  You should be able to alter the boot sequence from
|> there. HTH, Mike
| first, I apologize for hi-jacking, but this reminds me of something
|  I've been wondering about for a while now. Some time back RedHat
| moved away from being able to make boot floppies to boot their
| installations. What the heck did they do that for? I had a dickens
| of a time getting RH9 and FC3 on my toshiba laptop because it has a
|  USB CD/CDRW drive. I had to get REAL creative to get it loaded.
As someone already said the kernel no longer fits.  But the "rest of
that story" is that there is now a larger floppy type image that can
be placed on a USB flash stick to perform in exactly the same way.
Just boot from the flash stick.  I use that method all the time on
stand alone machines, or to convert Windows machines.

Kevin Fries
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