FC3 and ThinkPad T41 - current and prior kernels and other problems.

Harry Hoffman hhoffman at ip-solutions.net
Sat Jan 15 23:31:38 UTC 2005

Hi Chris,

Comments in-line:

Chris Ruprecht wrote:
> I tried the 2.6.10 kernels (build 737 and 741) and am not running very
> successful. 737 would panic during boot up when it detected the SCSI
> card (Adaptec SlimSCSI-1480 Cardbus card). After removing that as well
> as the Belkin FireWire Cardbbus card, it still crashed - so I don't
> think it's the card(s).
hmm, is this a pcmcia card? I have bluetooth but no firewire :-(
> I have the internal IPW2100 card up and running so I can sit in theiving
> room and watch TV while using the machine ;) - in 11 mbit mode801.11b,
> not g).
ah, I have the atheros card (a/b/g) which seems to work very well with 
the madwifi code.

> The only other piece of extra hardware is a Logitech USB optical mouse.

can't see the mouse making much of a difference

> Here is a listing of enabled services:
> K01yum             K50netdump          S09isdn           S54hpoj
The list of services looks roughly equiv.
> I'm not sure, how much trouble VMWare is - it's telling me when I start
> it up, that it hasn't been certified on this kernel.

Yeah, that should be fine... those warning statements are more of a 
"CYA" clause then anything else. I'm told that versions of VMware 
workstation before VMwareWorkstation-4.5.2-8848 had troubles but this 
version works well for me.

I have the bluetooth, acpi, modem all working and can share code/configs.
The only trouble I had with acpi was a local mysql server running seems 
that it needs to be stopped before hibernating.
pmail me for any of the configs and best of luck.


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